Richest City in the World – Top 10 List by GDP

#10 Shanghai (China)

Considered the commercial and transport hub of mainland China, it is also the countries financial center. Shanghai boasts over 800 financial institutions, more than 20% of which are foreign-invested. Shanghai has been one of the worlds fastest developing cities for more than 20 years and is the most populous city on the planet with almost 25 million people living there. With a GDP of $516.5 billion, Shanghai in China comes in at number 10 in our list of richest cities.

#9 Moscow (Russia)

Moscow is the largest city on the continent of Europe and Russia’s most populous city with over 12 million residents residing within the city limits and 17 million within the urban area, making it the highest populated inland city in the world. The center of Russian culture, Moscow is famous for its magnificent architecture, including the brightly colored domes of Saint Basil’s Cathedral, as well as the medieval city fortress of the Moscow Kremlin, which today is the workplace of the Russian President. A highly popular tourist destination, no visit to Moscow would be complete without visiting Red Square. With a GDP of $520.1 billion, Moscow in Russia comes in at number 9 in our list of richest cities.